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How should White Masterbatch solve the common problems in the use of Color Masterbatch?

Article source:FaqEditor:Guangdong Jinhui Technology Co., Ltd. Issuing time:2021-08-12

Hiding power is an important performance index of White Masterbatch. Titanium dioxide in masterbatch is the main factor affecting its hiding power, but other components also have a significant impact on its hiding power; The effects of these factors on the coverage of White Masterbatch were studied by investigating the types and contents of White Masterbatch carrier, dispersant and the fourth component.
White Masterbatch how to solve the common problems in the use of Color Masterbatch?
1. Product surface graining:
main cause:
① There are impurities in the barrel and head;
② Incorrect temperature;
③ The heating residence time of raw materials in the barrel is too long;
④ Dispersion of Color Masterbatch or toner is not handled well;
⑤ The filter screen is perforated.
Treatment method: adjust the temperature of the plasticizer to 10-20 ℃ lower than the normal temperature, start the plasticizer, use the primary color plastic resin to clean again at the slowest speed, disassemble the die head for cleaning if necessary, adjust the temperature, replace the filter screen in time, and use well dispersed Color Masterbatch or color powder for re commissioning.
2. Uneven diffusion:
main cause:
① Uneven mixing;
② Poor compatibility between color masterbatch and raw materials;
③ Improper temperature;
④ The plasticizing effect of the plasticizer itself is poor;
⑤ The proportion of color masterbatch is small.
Treatment method: fully stir, adjust the temperature properly, replace the color masterbatch or raw materials, replace other machines for production, and adjust the proportion of color masterbatch.
3. Frequent cutting
main cause:
① Incorrect temperature;
② Poor affinity of raw materials;
③ Poor dispersion of Color Masterbatch
④ The proportion of color masterbatch is too high.
Treatment method: adjust the temperature accurately, replace the raw materials used, replace the color masterbatch with excellent dispersion, and reduce the use proportion of color masterbatch.
4. Color change:
main cause:
① The background color of raw materials used is inconsistent;
② The molding machine is not clean;
③ The color masterbatch or toner used has low temperature resistance and will fade when the temperature is too high;
④ The blanking door is not clean;
⑤ Change of processing technology;
⑥ Color difference of Color Masterbatch or toner itself;
⑦ Improper matching of nozzle materials;
⑧ The mixer is not cleaned or the mixing time is not well controlled.
Treatment method: use the raw materials with the same color as the beating plate and adjust the matching proportion of nozzle materials; Thoroughly clean the plastic machine, blanking door and plastic machine; Use color masterbatch or toner with appropriate temperature resistance and consistent color; Use stable processing technology.