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Want to know what is black masterbatch? You can learn these six tricks!

Article source:FaqEditor:Guangdong Jinhui Technology Co., Ltd. Issuing time:2021-08-12

Heat resistance of black masterbatch pigment temperature resistance of PVC and PE is 160-180 ℃, that of ABS and PS is 250-280 ℃, and that of PP, PA and pet is more than 280 ℃. Generally, the heat resistance time of pigment is 4-10 minutes. Generally, the higher the service temperature, the shorter the heat resistance time.
What is black masterbatch:
1. High dispersion
Black masterbatch is produced with carbon black. Raw carbon black is covered with dust, light weight and fluffy. Unless large-scale treatment measures are adopted, the working environment will become dirty. Because of this, casters generally choose black masterbatch to complete the pre dispersion of carbon black. The resin carrier is clean, free flowing and easy to use.
2. Strong coverage
The second factor determining the quality of black masterbatch is the covering power. The coloring ability of large particle carbon black is poor and it is not easy to cover all other colors in the lower layer. As a result, the final product only gets the deviated color. In the melting process, the ability to correctly select carbon black with high coloring ability to cover the existing color is the covering power.
3. Good liquidity
If the color masterbatch itself has good dispersion, but it can not flow into the material to be molded, the production effect is not ideal. Generally speaking, the priming resin used to produce color masterbatch has high rheology. In order to save costs, some color masterbatch manufacturers use reusable materials, waste or recycled materials as resin carriers. The fluidity of the color masterbatch produced in this way will be significantly reduced. If the rheology is not good, the mold Union will encounter problems in cycle time and appearance treatment. The color masterbatch with minimum dilution ratio can produce uniform and dispersive black.
4. Greater compatibility
Compatibility is the fourth factor determining the quality of black masterbatch. If the color masterbatch is produced from chips or recycled materials, it may contain pollutants or other non fusible polymers. At this time, the primer resin can be selected to produce high-quality color masterbatch, which has good compatibility in the melting process.
5. Stability should be consistent
A major manifestation of stability is the stable carbon black ratio. If the percentage of carbon black fluctuates, the number of masterbatches to be melted is different, and it is impossible to produce products of the same color tone.
6. Light and shade should be clear
The last factor that determines the quality of black masterbatch is the brightness of color. There are various types of carbon black on the market that can be used for the coloring of Color Masterbatch, but the colors and prices of various types are also very different. Large particle carbon black has lower coloring degree and different background color than small particle carbon black.