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Eight types of black masterbatch that can not be ignored

Article source:FaqEditor:Guangdong Jinhui Technology Co., Ltd. Issuing time:2021-08-12

Black masterbatch is widely used in plastic processing industry, such as injection molding, extrusion molding and blow molding. In real life, it is widely used in the injection molding of automotive plastic parts, the extrusion molding of plastic pipes, and the production of agricultural film and geotechnical materials. Polymers are divided into plastics, fibers and rubber. In modern society, polymer materials have largely replaced the traditional cloth, leather, wood, automobile and metal industries.
Black masterbatch is generally divided into the following types:
1. High grade injection black masterbatch: it can be used for black cosmetics, plastic packaging boxes, plastic toys, electrical enclosures and other high-grade products.
2. Common injection black masterbatch: used for general black daily plastic products, industrial plastic containers, etc.
3. Advanced blown film Black Masterbatch: used for blow molding and coloring of ultra-thin products, such as black plastic bags, black plastic films, etc.
4. Common blown film Black Masterbatch: used for blow molding coloring of general black plastic packaging bags and woven bags.
5. Spinning black masterbatch: it is used for spinning and coloring black textile fibers. The masterbatch pigment has fine particles, high concentration, strong coloring power, good heat and light resistance.
6. Low grade black masterbatch: used to manufacture low-grade products with low color quality requirements, such as garbage cans, low-grade containers, etc.
7. Special black masterbatch: it is a color masterbatch manufactured by selecting the same plastic as the carrier according to the plastic variety specified by the user.
8. General black masterbatch: the general masterbatch is relatively simple and convenient, but has many disadvantages. It is recommended that users choose a special masterbatch. The heat resistance grade of the special masterbatch is generally suitable for the plastic used for products. It can be used safely at normal temperature.