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How to simply distinguish black masterbatch

Article source:IndustryEditor:Guangdong Jinhui Technology Co., Ltd. Issuing time:2021-08-12

1、 Look
The black masterbatch with more materials has bright appearance, smooth incision, and obvious incision range at the junction of incision.
The appearance of the ash rich black masterbatch is dim, the incision is slightly irregular, and there are obvious small spots on the surface.
2、 Weigh
The black masterbatch with more materials is weighed by hand. It feels very light and has a small specific gravity.
When the black masterbatch with more ash is weighed by hand, it feels heavier and heavier.
3、 Bite
Compatriots engaged in the color masterbatch industry must have an occupational disease. They want to bite when they see the black masterbatch.
The black masterbatch with many carriers is soft in the mouth, chewable but not rotten, and has excellent toughness.
The black masterbatch with much ash is hard and crisp in the mouth. The feeling of pulp explosion makes you have endless aftertaste and taste it immediately.
4、 Smell
Black masterbatch with low odor is more likely to be made with new materials.
The black masterbatch with heavy odor, recycled material and recycled PE wax may be large.
5、 Burn
When the black masterbatch is ignited, the flame is high, the combustion time is long, and there are many carriers and additives.
When the black masterbatch is ignited, the flame is low, the combustion time is short, and the surface shows white incombustible matter, there is more ash.
6、 Wipe
Ignite the black masterbatch, burn it up, and wipe it evenly on the white paper with the same area.
Compare the blackness and fineness of the two.
In contrast, the concentration of carbon black is higher.