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What is a functional color masterbatch and what functions should it have?

Article source:IndustryEditor:Guangdong Jinhui Technology Co., Ltd. Issuing time:2021-08-12

Definition: masterbatch containing functional additives other than color. The specific function depends entirely on the active ingredients contained. These functions can be simply divided into three categories:
Class I: improve plastic molding and processing performance.
Such as processing aid masterbatch to reduce die scaling and eliminate melt fracture; Cooling masterbatch for reducing molding temperature; Dry masterbatch for absorbing water in raw materials; Smooth masterbatch for easy demoulding of injection molded parts; Anti slip masterbatch to prevent slipping during film winding; Anti adhesion masterbatch for preventing adhesion between films during film unwinding; Cleaning masterbatch for saving color changing and cleaning materials; Using this kind of functional masterbatch can not only facilitate the operation of molding processing, but also improve the quality of products, but also improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
Class II: improve the physical and chemical properties of plastics.
Such as antioxidant masterbatch to improve thermal aging and inhibit yellowing of parts; Anti aging masterbatch to improve weatherability of finished products; Nucleation masterbatch or antireflection masterbatch for improving the rigidity or transparency of molded parts; Toughening Masterbatch to improve the mechanical properties of molded parts; Smooth masterbatch for reducing the surface friction coefficient of formed parts; Opening masterbatch for reducing opening torque of bottle cap; Thermal conductive masterbatch for improving thermal conductivity of plastic parts; Conductive masterbatch for improving conductivity, filling masterbatch for improving mechanical properties of plastics and reducing cost, etc.
Category III: add product application functions.
Such as antistatic masterbatch to reduce the surface resistance of formed parts; Flame retardant masterbatch for improving fire resistance of materials; Antibacterial masterbatch for increasing the anti microbial invasion of plastics; Improve the barrier masterbatch of plastic packaging materials to prevent the penetration of gases (such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor); Degradable masterbatch for reducing plastic pollution; Deodorizing masterbatch for removing odor; Flavoring masterbatch for adding fragrance to plastics; Anti fog drop masterbatch for reducing fog on the inner surface of food packaging film; Anti rust masterbatch for preventing rust of electronic components; Laser masterbatch providing laser coding effect; Provide matting masterbatch with matte effect or even frosting effect, foaming masterbatch with weight reduction, heat insulation, sound insulation and shock absorption, etc.