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Analysis on the causes of insufficient blackness of black masterbatch caused by black masterbatch manufacturers?

Article source:IndustryEditor:Guangdong Jinhui Technology Co., Ltd. Issuing time:2021-08-12

Analysis on the causes of insufficient blackness of black masterbatch caused by black masterbatch manufacturers? Generally speaking, some customers will give us feedback on this problem. In this case, I will summarize the following relatively common factors:
1、 The raw materials used by customers are recycled materials: because the compatibility and adhesion of recycled materials are much worse than that of new materials, and customers purchase some general-purpose black masterbatches with relatively low requirements. After passing the test, there is a relatively large possibility of deviation between the service performance of general-purpose black masterbatch and that of recycled materials, so the test results will show that the blackness is not enough, This situation is also more likely to occur on the black masterbatch (customers are advised to select and use the corresponding black masterbatch according to the service performance of raw materials).
2、 Another is that the raw materials used do not match the performance of black masterbatch; Some customers use modified materials, but the black masterbatch products they take are universal. In this way, it is logical that they are not right. Because the carrier of color masterbatch and modified materials is different, it will show compatibility, more diffusibility problems and greatly reduce the blackness( The customer is advised to use the modified special black masterbatch product).
3、 The customer subconsciously sees the blackness; Generally speaking, when changing raw material suppliers, many customers may prefer to look at the blackness of color masterbatch and ignore its carrier, compatibility, combination and diffusion. After customers get our black masterbatch, they will put the black masterbatch according to the proportion they used before. In this way, the results will also cause many problems, It may be that the diffusivity is not good, and the compatibility and binding deviation. In this case, the result is that the blackness is not enough.