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Will plastic masterbatch affect the gloss of products?

Article source:FaqEditor:Guangdong Jinhui Technology Co., Ltd. Issuing time:2021-08-12

Color masterbatch is a high concentration colored granular material made of colorant, carrier resin, dispersant, coupling agent, surfactant and plasticizer; In addition to the above raw materials, the functional color masterbatch needs to add light stabilizer, antistatic agent, flame retardant, foaming agent and other additives according to the functional requirements. Will the plastic masterbatch affect the gloss of the product? How to solve it?
One problem: when he used color masterbatch, plastic products did not use color masterbatch according to their own requirements, because we all know that color masterbatch is not only a general-purpose, but also has many kinds of carriers. It can be guessed without testing that using color masterbatch casually will not only affect the gloss of plastic products, but also reduce their performance, so, I would like to remind you to know more about your plastic products before purchasing color masterbatch.
Another problem: it may be the problem of raw materials, or the manufacturer uses recycled materials with low quality. As a result, the effect will be reduced after processing the products, or the color masterbatch carrier used is different from the resin type of raw materials, and the compatibility and dispersion of the color masterbatch manufacturer can not meet the requirements, Of course, the gloss of molded products will also be reduced, and even lead to peeling of plastic products.