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  One step faster means leading the competition. Chuanghui relies on strong scientific and technological force and good full-time marketing service team. In order to seize the opportunity and establish the advantages in competition and development, Chuanghui puts forward marketing concepts such as "full-time marketing" and "full-time service":
  Market orientation:The market is the starting point and ultimate point of our work, the source of Chuanghui's value chain development, and the primary standard for testing all work. All for the market and all for sales, establish and form the concept of full marketing service, and form the service concept of two markets (internal market and external market)
  Service orientation:The service division of the headquarters, the second-line department, the first-line department, the first-line business, the first-line customers, the mutually supportive services between departments and the mutually supportive services between superiors and subordinates, and establish the concept and system of full service.
  Customer satisfaction:Provide customers with high-quality, value for money products and high-quality services, so that customers can save production costs, improve economic benefits, improve customer satisfaction and achieve win-win cooperation. Customer satisfaction is not only the beginning of our business, but also the ultimate goal of our business.
  Brand marketing:Relying on the existing comprehensive strength, we will steadily and actively expand, form a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, move towards a well-known trademark in China, and our products will begin to move towards the world.